desi(re al)chemy

desi(re al)chemy

How I Work

As a trauma-aware somatic sex+relationship coach and Witch, I offer individual, partnered, and group coaching for people curious and excited about using effective communication, magic, sexuality, kink, spirituality, and/or power exchange relationships as vehicles for personal growth and bliss.

Spellbinding: Using Words to Ignite Desire

When does sexy language add to the hotness of your relationships? When does negotiation become foreplay? All the time! Communication before, during, and after sexytimes sets the stage for intimacy, deep pleasure, and maybe unexpected...
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People Are Saying

Eirikah provided a safe place to ask questions and learn more about kink, Tantra and polyamory during a sexual awakening in my 40s. Having little to no experience with alternative lifestyles, I was so fortunate...
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Everyday Ecstasy: Embodiment Meditation

Click the link to download the audio version of Ecstatic Embodiment Meditation published in Chapter 19 “Light Your Fire: Ecstatic Embodiment to Fuel Your Dreams” in Sacred Medicine: Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living.  
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Light Your Fire

Sexual authenticity and connection are sacred sources of energy that fuel joy and success in all parts of our lives. Harnessing authentic desire, bringing it out of the shadows and into the reality of our lives, is the key to blooming fulfillment.

As an experiential sex+relationship coach, kink educator, and Witch, I help people connect with themselves, each other, and the Divine through the deep pleasure of embodied sexual expression, exploration, and play. There are many paths to delight–tenderness and intensity, beauty and suffering, longing and release–pleasures all, both dark and light.

I offer shame- and judgement-free coaching packages for individuals, couples, and moresomes to strengthen relationships, heat up embodied intimacy and pleasure, and explore the magic of sacred sexuality, BDSM, and consensual non-monogamy. More details about working with me are here.

I’d be delighted to connect with you in the container of a 45-minute “tasting” call on Zoom where we will explore your desires and the ways we might work together to make them a reality.