desi(re al)chemy
Who I Am

Who I Am

I’m Eirikah (she/her). I’m a writer, Witch, and sexual rebel who identifies as a polyamorous, pansexual, Dominant-leaning Switch, and sadomasochist. I’m also the mother of two amazing adult children, executive-level academic professional, and previously a monogamous wife of 20 years. If we met at the grocery store, I’d be the person who helps you find that one thing on your list that isn’t where we both think it ought to be on the shelf. Deep curiosity, seeing beauty in the unorthodox, and opening doors to possibility are my superpowers.

~*Both/and is my magic word.*~

The founder of Desire Alchemy, I’m a trauma-aware somatic sex+relationship coach and initiated priestess who offers individual, partnered, and group coaching for people curious and excited about using effective communication, magic, sexuality, kink, and/or power exchange relationships as vehicles for personal growth and bliss.

My mission is to re-ignite and strengthen stale relationships (including the relationship with Self) by helping people cultivate and share truly authentic desire, practical hands-on skills, devotion, and delight.

I’ve had the joy of 30+ years of lifestyle BDSM practice and more than a decade of connection, education, and service in the Seattle sex-positive community, where I’ve served as a “Tasting Top” for the “Try It, You’ll Like It” events offering hors d’oeuvres-sized BDSM play experiences and training for beginners, as well as a guest educator and facilitator on a variety of topics including recognizing and communicating boundaries, hands-on skills, D/s dynamics and the unique challenges and joys of switching, sacred sexuality, strategies for maintaining intimacy and connection in long distance relationships, and dirty talk and other sexy communication. My erotic writing has been published in five issues of the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival Literary Anthology (2018-20, 2022-23). My chapter “Light Your Fire: Ecstatic Embodiment to Fuel Your Dreams” was featured in the Amazon bestseller, Sacred Medicine: Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living, my chapter “Turn Yourself On: Embodiment Practices to Jump Start Your Day” was featured in the Amazon bestseller, The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 5, and my chapter “Spellbinding: Using Words to Ignite Desire” was featured in the Amazon bestseller, Wealth Codes: Sacred Strategies for Abundance.

I discovered my spiritual path at 18, as I sought a tradition that held the creative impulse sacred, especially as it manifests in the divine feminine, sexuality, and nature. In my pursuit of deeper connection through language and embodiment, I earned an MFA in Creative Writing, and I am a Certified Somatica® Sex and Relationship Coach (CSC). I’m delighted to serve on the Board of Directors at The Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) in Seattle.

**I am committed to acknowledging the many ways I continue to benefit from racial and cisgender privilege while helping break down systems of oppression in my communities and circles of care. I honor your experience and expression of your full authentic self, as you are the only expert on YOU.