desi(re al)chemy
Work With Me

Work With Me

DESIRE: to strongly wish or long for something; craving

ALCHEMY: a process of making the ordinary into something extraordinary

Let’s get REAL.

desi(RE AL)chemy

Aching for MORE in your relationships, your sex life, your day-to-day?

Curious about BDSM? Tantra? Consensual non-monogamy? That one thing your friend told you about?

The magical secret sauce that turns boring into bliss?


Afraid you’re not sexy enough? Not young enough? Not free enough? Not daring enough? 

YOU can have all the thrilling hotness you dream of, in every area of your life!

Let’s break through all the stereotypes, excavate YOUR desire, and develop the practical tools to make your dreams reality!

As a trauma-informed somatic sex+relationship coach, I offer 75-minute experiential sessions for individuals and partnered folks (couples and moresomes). Within the supportive yet spacious container I provide, you can stretch into MORE:


Strengthen Relationships with Yourself and Others

  • Practice getting out of your head and into your body/feelings with compassion and attention
  • Release shame to increase access to authentic pleasure and connection
  • Excavate and clarify your own desires in ways that will help you communicate them to partners
  • Practice defining your own boundaries and sharing them lovingly
  • Identify attachment styles without judgement and develop strategies to navigate attachment and individuation more effectively and comfortably
  • Practice recognizing childhood and cultural trauma responses to minimize their impact on your relationships
  • Practice processing and recovering from an experience of being triggered
  • Practice feeling disappointment in relationships and considering options for getting your needs met
  • Practice approaching conflict vulnerably and productively to repair and strengthen relationships
  • Practice using erotic energy to deepen connection


Increase Embodied Intimacy and Pleasure

  • Practice approaching partners and potential partners while connected with your erotic energy and respecting their boundaries (fun, non-creepy flirting)
  • Practice accessing erotic energy to communicate desire in a sexy way
  • Practice breath work for cultivating and connecting with your own erotic energy, and for regulating your own nervous system to amp up or dial down the pressure of your arousal as you choose
  • Practice teasing and receiving teasing to experience pleasure in that lighter level of connection, then feeling and respecting boundaries when they come up without fully withdrawing from connection
  • Practice talking about consent and sexual escalation in a sexy way
  • Practice talking about your fantasies and how you want to feel during sexytimes
  • Practice different kinds of pleasurable touch to experience touching for your own pleasure and so you can teach partners how best to give you pleasure
  • Practice occupying your own body and senses to increase your own pleasure
  • Practice communicating the pleasure you are feeling so that your partner can more accurately perceive (and enhance!) it
  • Practice asking for what you want
  • Practice receiving erotic attention and pleasure without overwhelming your nervous system


Explore Sacred Sexuality, BDSM, and Consensual Non-Monogamy

  • Practice erotic connection through breath, eye gazing, and moving erotic energy through the body
  • Practice amplifying sexual experience and orgasm using attention, intention, ritual, and ordeal
  • Practice directing sexual energy to fuel energetic flow in other areas of your life
  • Practice talking about your own desire from a Dominant mindset and/or from a submissive mindset
  • Practice recognizing when a partner or potential partner is in Dominant or submissive energy
  • Practice switching between Dominant and submissive energy
  • Practice negotiating kink in a sexy way
  • Discuss and practice various kinds of kink play to guide skills development
  • Practice crafting thrilling and fulfilling BDSM scenes, including communication for safety and pleasure before, during, and after the scene
  • Discuss and practice negotiating or re-negotiating boundaries, protocols, and other expectations in consensual non-monogamy (CNM) and power exchange (D/s) relationships

Each session will offer time for intention-setting (or shifting), progress reports, and exploring new practices toward increasing embodied pleasure, improving communication, and creating the relationships and life of your dreams.

These sessions form a container for a regular, ongoing process of transformation, with YOUR desire and power as our guides.

Flame-colored rose

Desire Alchemy: Tasting Session

45 minutes (virtual)

$45 (limited time only!)

NEW!!! Light Your Fire Intensive

One month of my strategic attention: Two 2-hour sessions & daily contact with me


Desire Alchemy: Six-Session Package

Six 75-minute sessions (virtual)


Desire Alchemy: 12-Session Package

(12) 75-minute sessions (virtual)

+ Custom audio visualization


Don’t see a standard package that fits your schedule or needs? Connect with me in a Tasting Session to design a custom package just for you!

~ I believe that healthy, fulfilling relationships are the key to building the world I want all of us to live in. To ensure this work is accessible, I reserve several spaces in my private practice for lower fee sliding scale coaching sessions. Please contact me at to discuss the availability of sliding scale payment options. ~