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People Are Saying

People Are Saying

Eirikah provided a safe place to ask questions and learn more about kink, Tantra and polyamory during a sexual awakening in my 40s. Having little to no experience with alternative lifestyles, I was so fortunate to have Eirikah share with me her uniquely joyful, non-judgmental wisdom that was crucial to starting my sensual journey in the safest, most positive way. Eirikah helped me to learn how to communicate my desires and embrace my whole self while exploring my sensuality and sexuality.

I feel deep gratitude that Eirikah celebrates my desires and is as excited as I am to help me explore my sensuality. Eirikah is that rare delicious soul who offers both deep wisdom and a beginner’s enthusiasm for sex, kink, and polyamory. There is a richness and quality to my sexual adventures because Eirikah taught me to value myself in negotiations and to honor my needs in sexual play. 

Reyna Ronald

THANK YOU so much for this morning, Eirikah. It was the medicine I didn’t know I needed.

You provided such a safe space for me to share. I felt like I could talk to you about anything and I’m usually quite a guarded person. 

Not only did I feel so supported and seen during our time together, but I noticed how much attention you paid to all the little details I shared and it blew me away and made me feel like you truly cared about my experience and supporting me in deepening intimacy in my life. 

I came in to our session feeling deflated, confused about my marriage, and quite hopeless really. I left feeling empowered. Grounded. Committed. And I felt a huge sense of clarity and gratitude.

You provided me with amazing tools around communicating vulnerably. I can’t believe how much I gained from just one session with you. I’m so grateful you are in this work!!!

Eva Jones

Eirikah was able to witness great pain and didn’t shy away as I described my present challenges and past trauma. She stayed fully present, listened deeply, and asked thoughtful follow up and clarifying questions. Eirikah skillfully conveyed kindness and care while maintaining her sense of self so that I felt very seen and safely held.

Eirikah’s non-judgmental demeanor, both matter-of-fact and lacking surprise, allowed me to be honest, even when I judged myself. As I spoke about the ways I judged myself, Eirikah supported me in a way that was so clearly authentic that I felt strong enough to examine the circumstances differently.

In working with Eirikah, I realized that my capacity to be intimate with others is not broken, and I am more successful than I thought I was, which has helped me move closer to trusting my own truth.

Kelly McAllister

My experiences with Eirikah over the years have supported my journey into kink in a variety of ways. Increasing communication, developing personal boundaries, negotiating relationships and play, defining and re-evaluating my own identity and partnerships several times. She has supported my growth and my focus on enthusiastic consent, non-monogamous relationships, and the amazing land of switchiness.


I was feeling turbulence and uncertainty. I wanted things to be different, but I didn’t trust what I wanted. Eirikah heard me and she walked with me as I made sense of what I was struggling with. I opened up and began to feel my true self. I started to trust my intuition, got clear on what I wanted, and I accomplished my aim to go back to graduate school—plus big positive changes in my relationships and my leadership at work. It was fun and incredibly rewarding to have Eirikah’s support. She is a gifted guide. I hope to stay in touch with Eirikah for a lifetime.

Michaela Irene

Eirikah is an amazing teacher and coach! She holds the most fabulous space of luxurious non-judgement–I’ve never managed to shock her, which is saying something! She has a gift for taking my word vomit and giving me back the next steps in an easy way, without making me feel like an idiot for not having come up with it myself. Not only that, but she creates a space where I’m free to claim and express all the stuff you’re not supposed to say….and then she works magick with it.

I have also had the pleasure of hosting Eirikah as she delivered classes to my clients on all things Sex, Relationships, and Magick. Each and every one of them LOVED her, and asked me to beg her to come back to us. I honestly love this woman and my life would be a much poorer place without her in it. You should definitely invest in Eirikah’s coaching and anything else she offers. If you’re on the fence, jump off it and run straight in. You just might surprise yourself with what you find under Eirikah’s care.

Helen Treacy

I’ve worked closely with Eirikah as a mentor and friend for the past year and a half, as we follow  similar spiritual paths. Eirikah has been my number one cheerleader when things go well, my sister and friend during tough times, and my kick-in-the-pants coach when I’ve needed the honest truth about my role in my own personal turmoil. Her insights have helped me level up and her friendship and love has kept me on an even keel during the pandemic. I treasure her honest assessment about my shortcomings and her sage advice on the steps I can take to change things. I deeply appreciate her wisdom and devotion to her craft and to helping people live authentically, cherish their spirit,  fall in love with their bodies, forge their own path, and celebrate the joy and juiciness of love and life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for her dedication to living her truth and her willingness to share her gifts.

Laura Curtis

I just had my first session with Eirikah and I was so pleasantly surprised.  I felt seen and cared for while getting the push I needed to dig deep and find out what is really holding me back. She created a safe place for me to share what was happening for me emotionally and really unload without judgment.  I would strongly recommend Eirikah for anyone thinking about intimacy coaching.

Ezra Algos